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I paint graffiti and lately I dedicated myself to calligraphy. In the beginning it was very difficult to do this type of art, as there were very few graffiti artists and the community was small. It was difficult to find someone to learn from.

I only knew that I am able to do this and that it is a very interesting activity. The most important motivation was the love for this art.

I started to paint graffiti at the end of I started from the simplest graffiti, and this subsequently became my main activity and source of income. Still, in my free time, I paint graffiti for myself. I started painting simple calligraphy. Later, I started working with shadows and 3D drawings. I did my first 3D work on the 6 th wall I ever painted. Now I work in this style and I like it very much. I have discovered something unique for myself, something that nobody else is doing.

And this makes be very happy. The work flows naturally and this is what I think art is, that discovery feeling the artist goes through while working.

I believe that this makes the artwork unique. The book included different artists from European countries, as well as a few artists from the same country. I was the only one from the Republic of Moldova to be part of this publication.

The most recent event which made me very happy took place in the beginning of this year, when I worked at a large-scale project in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Together with another young artist, I painted a car exhibition complex. The space was divided in several halls, each of it being painted in different calligraphy styles.

I was invited to spend two weeks there, but I stayed for a month because the client wanted me to do more work.

Therefore, I painted a few more walls; the biggest one was square meters, which I also painted in the calligraphy style. I hope that I have more opportunities like this. I get inspired by everything that happens during the day, the everyday life, the people I meet.

I guess any artist will agree. I have big plans for my future. Mainly, I want to continue painting in calligraphy style, because I found myself in it and I want to continue developing it. Arts reflect and shape our sense of identity, our attitudes and our cultural values. Women are successful artists, writers, musicians and film makers.

The Guardian. Open Menu. Home News and events News.She has developed a significantly original style which consists of three dimensional formation illusions and calligraphy.

Her unique work has taken shape throughout a career in public art activation in Moldova and internationally. Also Inna is the organizer of a number of Hip-Hop festivals in Moldova. BSAF Aleja Hine. Art Has No Gender. Ash Taylor.

Benjamin Reeve. Benjamin Werner. Blu Art Xinja. Brushwork through Still Life. Chris Mangos. Col McElwaine.

Colour by Numbers. Digi Youth Arts. Dima Kashtalyan. Emily Devers. Emmanuel Moore. Fabio Petani. Festival Closing Party. Festival Launch Party.

Fintan Magee. Gabrielle Slater. Gus Eagleton. Here We Queer Talk. International Artist Talk. Introduction to stencils. Jakob Perrett Here We Queer. James Ellis. Katherine Viney. Leah Falcocchio. Lisa Kelly. Lisa Tran Kelly. Loretta Lizzio. Madeleine Peta. Minna Leunig. Pseudo Silk.Join us as she welcomes us inside her amazing universe. What have you learned from and what are your resolutions for ? I never thought that calligraphy will capture me so much.

In fact, my style was formed during 2 weeks. Since that moment I feel myself unstoppable, cause I already know what I was trying to find all these years and what I can show.

And I feel them like little steps on the way to my goals. It was really an amazing year and it gave me more than the maximum of what I was waiting for. How do you feel about the art market today? Since I came to graffiti life, I also earned money doing different commissions. Of course nobody needs graffiti, usually, people order some trivial things like flowers, cartoons, nature, etc. It was a really cool income for me, especially compared to the Moldavian salaries, but it has always offended me as an artist.

There is always a lot of temptation, but money has never been my main goal. In graffiti I can have a bright mind and a pure heart, without any commercial goals and I want to stay true first of all to myself. Is it the same with your current form of artistic expression — Space Calligraphy? What do you love most about being the artist that you are today?

My style is like my baby. I am the happiest person in the world when I stay in front of my walls, covered with paint, tired, hungry, but satisfied. I think only Vanea my husband and helper knows how crazy I am about it all. Will you continue to focus on calligraphy or should we expect new experiments soon?

My love for hip-hop culture came from rap. I had 1 album and 6 videos, was rather famous among rappers. At that time I wanted to try everything connected to hip-hop, even tried breaking. I came in graffiti at the worst possible moment. I was a poor student, working as a waitress, renting a room in an apartment full of cockroaches. It was magic. What excites you when painting in a new country?We hope you enjoyed the previous sessions and you will keep feeding your curiosity for alternative and underground culture.

In the next episode, you can listen to Bucurie playing a two-hour dj set composed mainly from his productions. At the same time, iZZY will use her street art and graffiti skills to paint a huge canvas in her Space Calligraphy style. These are just a few hints as to what makes his productions and selections unique, while the sound he brings forward always evokes an energetic vibration, setting the soul and the imagination free from the everyday constraints.

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From time to time he steps behind de decks providing amazing experiences for the crowd, with his latest productions. Another surprise is on its way, and soon you will be the first to find out what are we secretly working together with Bucurie. Her love for hip-hop culture came from rap around when she started rapping, releasing tracks and music videos.

After undertaking lettering and creating commissioned works for different clients, iZZY developed her own particular style of graffiti writing called Space Calligraphy.

Her works incorporate parallel universes, black holes and white dwarfs, planets and multiple galaxies. If you look closer, you can discover that the entire images making up her murals are constructed using only letters. Cyrillic letters, painted in various colours, create those magical effects that will grab your attention and keep it focused on the walls.

Join the eventand stay updated with the lates news about the feeder sound live series. The program does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration.

iZZY iZVNE- Grenoble Street Art Fest (timelapse by Enlaps)

AFCN is not responsible for the content of the program or the way the program results can be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.

SinceSave or Cancel is a medium of communication and propagation of the arts and culture, promoting and facilitating their role in contemporary society. The self-initiated multidisciplinary programs of Save or Cancel aim to identify sustainable and adaptable opportunities for re valorisation of the existence through architectural, cultural and editorial projects. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Watch feeder sound live 🔴 w/ BUCURIE & iZZY iZVNE

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A recent book by two of our faculty honors a third. Bernie spent almost all of his career here at the University of Minnesota. He joined the Department of Statistics, a precursor of the School, in 1963 and was the chair of the department for several years during the 1960's. One of the first Statistics books that I read was one of his and it was a pleasure to have him as a colleague after I moved here.

He was a gentleman, a scholar and a sweet man. He was 88 and was still ice skating a week before he died. The Department of Psychology and the School of Statistics in the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota invite applications for a full-time, tenure-track position specializing in quantitative psychology and statistics to begin fall semester 2014 (August 25, 2014).

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View Reunion SlideshowThe School of Statistics recently celebrated its 40th anniversary at the University of Minnesota on May 13 and 14, 2011, with a reunion for all bachelor, master, and doctoral alumni. View the invitation (PDF), the list of attendees (PDF), Sandy Weisberg's presentation (PDF), or a slideshow from the reunion. Statisticians collect, organize, analyze, interpret, and present data. We are constantly seeking better ways to do that in more and more challenging situations, using mathematics, computing, and insight.

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